What is Your Website Doing to Mobile Users?

Is your business website helping your competitors?

Take out your mobile phone and type in your current website address.  If it’s like 90% of websites it will just be a shrunken version of your main site. That means it will be hard to read and awkward to navigate around. If people searching for your site can’t read it they will simply move on to the next site they can read… unfortunately that may be your competitors site.

As the number of smartphones and percentage of mobile internet searches continues to rise, the number of visits to your website using a mobile phone will follow.

In fact, recent statistics from Google say that over 50% of all searches are done on mobile devices (and growing each and every month) and that 81% of those searches are for local businesses like yours.

The bottom line is that no business can afford to miss 50% of the people looking for them. Knowing that 50% of people (according to Google) are searching for local businesses on their mobile devices, you should be making sure that they find your business first and can easily and quickly connect to you.

3 big problems with not having a mobile optimised website

  1. If your prospects and customers cannot find or contact you on their mobile phones they will go to your competitors who do. According to a recent Google study, 50% of people said that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if the website isn’t mobile-friendly.
  2. If your main website uses flash, around 60% of mobile devices won’t see it.
  3. If you use Google Adwords for pay-per-click advertising you will pay more per click and see a lower ad position

10 features of good mobile website design

  1. Loads quickly – mobile users will not wait for your site to load. Particularly if they know your competitor has a dedicated mobile site.
  2. Easy to read and doesn’t require the user to scroll or zoom – mobile screens are small and viewing a full desktop site makes the text even smaller requiring a mobile user to zoom and scroll just to read your pages.
  3. Has a dedicated URL – a mobile website address such as m.yoursite.com, mobile.yoursite.com or yoursite.com.mobi provides a dedicated location for your mobile website where visitors using a mobile device are redirected to automatically.
  4. Isn’t a shrunken version of your site – many sites make their pages ‘responsive’ so they can shrink or stretch to fit the size of the mobile device being used. This is not a mobile optimised website as many of the page elements like images and videos can be slow or impossible to load on a mobile device.
  5. Has only the most important information a person is searching for on it – this is where data from your analytics account can help with the design of your mobile site. By tracking which pages mobile users view the most you can gain an insight into what information they are looking for and design your mobile site accordingly.
  6. Allows users to get in touch with you with one tap or click – users can tap-to-call, tap-to-text or tap-to-email you.
  7. Allows users to get driving directions on their phone – by definition mobile users are often on the move and in a hurry so make it easy for them to find you with maps and directions.
  8. Is easy to navigate – users can get back to the home page in one tap or search the site if there are a large number of pages.
  9. Can be reached from a link on your main desktop site – mobile users visiting your main website are redirected to your mobile version but sometimes the detection of a particular mobile device can fail. Therefore make it easy for mobile users to manually find your dedicated site from your main website with a simple link.
  10. Provides access to your main desktop website – there may be times when content is not published on both your main website and mobile optimised version. So give mobile users a way to access additional content with a simple link from your mobile friendly site.

How your business can profit from mobile users

Whether we like it or not the world is going mobile and the person searching for you on a mobile device is different from the one searching on a computer.

If you value your website visitors, and you should, then you need to ensure every visitor gets the chance to see the benefits of doing business with you rather than your competitors. If you don’t, you will get left behind by technology and more forward thinking competitors.

We can help you profit from mobile users by creating a dedicated mobile website that meets all of the above criteria and more. You can browse some of our demo mobile websites and request a free mockup with your business graphics and colours.

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