Search Engine Marketing

Is your business a secret online?

Everyone who has access to the Internet uses a search engine to find relevant and useful information, and according to Google’s own data, 97 percent of consumers search for local businesses online.

The upshot of these facts is clear: If you want visibility for your business, you need visibility in the search engines, particularly Google.

Ranking matters

High visibility in Google can mean more website traffic, more customers and referrals, more sales activity, and more profit for your business.

Here’s what we know about how people use search engines: after entering a keyword into Google and being presented with pages and pages of blue text links, consumers generally don’t dive very deeply into the results (95.91 percent of all clicks occur on page one).

97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

Source: Google.

The top 10 organic (non-paid) search results get 95% of the clicks.

Source: Google.

The top three positions account for nearly 60% (58.5) of the traffic.

Source: Optify.

So it’s not enough to be “on Google.” If you want to take advantage of the popularity of search, your website needs to be listed at the top of the page and above the “scroll line” for the search terms relevant to your business.

How can we help your business get the first click?

We can ensure your business is found on the first page when your prospects and customers search for your business, products or services on the big three search engines. Our search marketing packages are currently available as part of our business website packages.