About Us

Thinking strategically about your business

Our job is to be an expert in marketing, and specifically online marketing strategies that leverage technology to achieve maximum sales results with minimum effort, so that our clients can enjoy dramatic growth without taking their focus away from what they do best.

Discovering your value and growing your business

What makes us different is our focus on business strategy and results rather than just the tactics and technology we use to get you those results. Our aim is to discover, develop and leverage your unique value so you can dominate your market rather than compete on price.

What we believe

Results are everything

All marketing should ultimately deliver a return on the time and money invested in it. As a small business ourselves we realise that budgets are limited for most small business owners. Our aim is to deliver initial results and a return for your business as quickly as possible.

Strategy, tactics then technology

We see many marketing agencies focused more on tactics and technology rather than how their services fit in with your existing business practices and goals. In our experience this only produces short term results at best. We believe that all tactics and technologies should serve a strategy that is focused on increasing your customers, sales and growth.

Small businesses are great

Small businesses are the engine of growth and we are passionate about helping this sector. They are often the ones who appreciate the excitement and energy of business growth and it’s a real buzz to see how lives can change.

Our history

Founded in 2003, eMarketing Associates began as an affiliate marketing publisher then diversified into offering marketing services for local businesses. Since then we have focused on helping small businesses develop and leverage their unique value to dominate their marketplace.